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Meet the Team

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.  That expression speaks volumes to Dina.  Her story of passion, hardwork, downfalls, and perserverance will hopefully inspire you to follow your dreams.  Let's meet the woman behind Bored by Board.  

Dina Silveira

Meet Dina.  Dina was born and raised in an itty, bitty stated called Rhode Island. Shes's a fun, spontaneous, lives life to the fullest northern gal who loves the warm hospitality of North Carolina.  In her spare time, Dina loves to facepaint for birthday parties and events, practice her violin, and travel with her kids.  Dina facepaints for private parties and large corporations such as Chik fil A, UNC Carolina Club, Golden Corral and More.  Check out her facepainting skills.


As a child, Dina had a deep passion for art and would spend countless hours painting or crafting.  While other kids were playing sports, Dina was working on art projects and messing around with glue and scissors.


After she graduated from high school, she attended college and focused on Graphic Design.  Although, she really enjoyed it, it wasn't the right career choice for her. In 2005 she moved to North Carolina.  Then, in 2008, this busy mom of 4 opened up an art studio out of her home called Time For Art Kids. Her business was a huge success with the community and its growth was astronomical.  She found it difficult to juggle the studio, keeping up with her kids and running a business and decided to make the painful decision of selling the studio in 2014. 


Due to Dina's entrepreneurial personality, she was eager to start up another business.  So she did!  Dina' and her friend started a cabinet repainting company.  In just a matter of months, business started growing rapidly.  Dina enjoyed running the business but a partnership with a friend was very difficult for her to adapt to.  A few years later, she left the partnership and ventured into more creative avenues.  


 After a few struggles in her personal life and big changes that had happened, she decided to try her hand again at yet another business.  In late 2016, Bored by Board was started.  Dina is passionate about her skills, ideas,  and craftsmanship and wants to deliver the best product possible to her customers.  She says there are no limitations to what she can do, because there is no limit to your imagination.   Dina hopes her story will inspire people that are dealing with difficult situations in their life and help them realize that there is always a ray of hope if you just perservere. 

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