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Job Opportunities

Cabinet Painter

Bored by Board is a woman owned company located in Wake County.  We are looking for more crew members to join our team.  Do you have what it takes?

This position is for a Cabinet Painter.  Your role would be to travel to customers homes and paint their cabinets in place.  

This position is a trainable position, however we are looking for candidates that exhibit specific qualities.   We are an awesome team and looking for someone to laugh and have fun at jobs with us (while still working hard of course!)

Hours vary, but typically Monday and Wednesday 8am-1pm.  Tuesday and Thursdays are also days where you will work.  

hammer and nails

What We Expect

Your job will consist of being in customers homes.  This means we are looking for someone who is respectful, courteous, and trustworthy.  We expect our employees to:

  • Be on time for jobs

  • Be a great multi tasker

  • Be able to work independently and problem solve

  • Be hard working

  • Take pride in their work

  • Be friendly

  • Be reliable

  • Be a team player.  By not showing up or telling us ahead of time you cant come into work, hurts the entire team.  

What to Expect

Kitchen cabinets as well as shoe molding and kick plates can be filthy.  Cleaning these parts is important to the preparation of the painting job.  If you dont like to get dirty or ruin your nails, this job might not be a good fit.  Other tasks that are part of the job:

  • Climbing up and down step ladders

  • Squeezing into tight spaces such as in back of the refrigerator.

  • Cleaning floor of debris and dirt after we are completed with the job.

  • Washing, sanding, and wiping down cabinet bases as part of the prep work. 

  • Taping, caulking, puttying holes are also part of the job but taught later on once you are properly trained. 

  • Setting up and cleaning workspace when done as well as loading the vehicle of all supplies before you leave. 

Compensation and Contact Information

Pay rate starts at $14.00/hour.  You will get paid weekly and it is your responsibility to file taxes for the hours worked.   If this position sounds interesting to you and you want to learn more, please feel free to call me at 919-602-8908.  Im old school.  I want to hear a voice and talk to you rather than text. Communication is very important to me and need employees that appreciate and share the same values. 

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